Friday, March 11, 2011

I usually love Anna Sui

I usually love Anna Sui. First about this collection I notice that a lot of gray and black start it out. And the first outfit, a suit with shorts, looks like a costume to me and not like something really wearable.

The second outfit with shorts brings up another thing I don't understand. I think of mixed seasons when I see this sort of thing. Boots with the toes cut out. Sandals that bare the feet but cover the ankle. Sweaters with short shorts. Short shorts with boots. I am finding really mixed messages in this not to mention the fact that I, personally, think it's ugly.

Number three on my list of Anna's errors is the mixed color and pattern. I do think some may be pleasing to the eye. This one isn't.

Orange sundress over green sweater. I'm sorry, but I think it makes both pieces look ugly.

Really cute green sundresses are hard to find. This is a really cute green sundress, with terribly ugly knee socks.

This shorts outfit with man socks makes that gorgeous model look fat and frumpy. I can do that a lot cheaper.

I usually love Anna Sui. But not Spring 2011.

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