Sunday, January 23, 2011

So Tired

I am so tired of the Kardashians
I am so tired of reality TV which of course has no reality at all.
I am so tired of celebs and their awards shows which are really about money.
I am so tired of the Partisan politics being practiced.
I am so tired of Oprah's opinions, cause that's all they are.
I am so tired of Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin.
I am so tired of TV networks focusing on large families when those families are
being irresponsible by having so many children.

Sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes. Just my opinion.


  1. Dear Judy, I read this post and there is no doubt... we are kindred sisters! You are not alone, I am so tired too! Luckily we can escape to other realms and close the door to all the nonsense. Thank you for visiting my Blog and becoming a friend. I shall return XO

  2. I totally agree.
    There are so many things going on and it seems like the media is focused on a bunch of idiots and gives importance to things that do not deserve it.
    Its like we are focusing on all the wrong things.

  3. Who are the Kardashians, really? Are they just rich? Is that their claim to fame?
    I think you're spot on.