Thursday, January 27, 2011

a changed mind

About reality shows, I have changed my mind. Sorta. I still don't like the celeb ones. The Hoff didn't last long thank goodness. The Hulk doesn't seem to know much. Dog may hunt bounty but it isn't with any class. The K....... don't need to be noticed or kept up with. Anyway, some reality shows, yuck.

Then there are trips to different small tribes around the world. There are all sorts of foods to eat, religions and ruins to study, survivalists to follow, dirty jobs to do(love Mike Rowe), crabs to catch, and gators, and snakes. There are lots of animals to help, diseases to heal, nice things to wear, houses to decorate, etc.

I longed for real things to learn instead of only sit coms to watch and lo and behold, the travel channel, the history channel, the Smithsonian and discovery channels. I love reality tv.

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