Saturday, August 8, 2009

To think

Sometimes I don't know what to think. Rihanna got abused. That wouldn't make any difference in the way she dresses. But it did garner her a lot of attention.

Since she has been on the public scene I have noted her hair, make-up, and clothing choices. She has been very interesting. However, I need to stress that often she seems to miss the mark in the fashion department. Does she do it on purpose. To titillate our senses. To be noticed. Well it works. She does get noticed. However I don't think the notice I give her is to her liking. For instance. There is very little that is elegant about her fashion sense. Take a designer piece and make it too tight, piled with jewelry, completed with the world's ugliest shoes, and to that add too much make-up, too bright, etc. Then top it off with a hair style which in no way enhances her face. You have created a singer who looks edgy, totally with it, and to my mind unattractive. I do understand that not all agree with my assessment. I really do think most would agree that wearing a tablecloth outside is totally ugly.

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