Monday, January 12, 2015

White, yes, no or otherwise

 This dress is white and simple and almost anything can be done with it. I can see some pretty jewelry, colored accessories, a beautiful shawl, lots or gold or silver jewelry, a navy blazer, etc.
 Being Boho inclined, this is a wonderful look to me. I see natural accessories, leathers, hand made beads, fringy kimono, wonderful turquoise, etc .
 She makes any color look good.
The lace. Ah, the lace. I love every piece. But. Now we are looking at white. And there is an argument about white. Is there an appropriate season for it? If so, when? Is there an appropriate place for it? Where?

I remember when the color matching arrived. I was judged a Spring. I'm not supposed to wear white. And if a person's teeth aren't white, wearing white is not so good. And there are now even wedding dresses not using white. The times, they are a changin.

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