Saturday, January 11, 2014

No Pics.

I'm working on a laptop right now and I have no pics of fashion to show. However, as usual, I have opinions galore. I have finally decided that the internet has busted the fashion world wide open. I can look at fashion magazines and see models wearing clothes in the thousands of dollars. I can look at the internet and see people wearing clothes in the hundreds of dollars. I can look at the grocery store and I see people wearing whatever is comfortable. You see, I've just about decided fashion is most influential in the very young and the very rich. I used to go out more but the area in which I live isn't a fashion hub unless you are talking about those who do the country club thing. Which I don't

Young women have some very good blogs on the internet. There are some brands which are automatic hits with them. Tory Burch is quite popular, as are lots of others. But even there, one finds a tendency to follow. Take the statement necklace. Is there anyone who reads fashion blogs who doesn't have a bubble necklace. I know I do. A large number of the young women have skinny jeans, knee high boots, and tons of scarves. I've tried to find a bunch of blogs written by women in their 60's  but either they don't worry about fashion or they don't blog or something. And of the ones I have found, most are not to the sixties yet. Those are divided into groups in a way.

The first group I have noticed are women who imitate. I agree that if I want to know what to wear on a certain occasion I look to see what others are wearing for the same event. And I'm certain that you will never catch me imitating the skinny jeans and boots crowd. My jeans will never hang down, have holes in them, or come halfway up to my waist. When I am wearing a pretty dress it won't be with combat boots or even cowboy boots. I have enough jewelry to stock a store but I'm not going to wear it all at once. And if I were to wear boots, they would not be peep toes. I think that defeats the purpose of the boot.

That being said, I will wear the filmy fabrics, sequined tops, and statement necklaces. However I really don't expect them to look like anything I have seen before. I do have style icons. They are women who really want to look like themselves and who wear their clothing almost as art. They are the women who take care of themselves, and who are slightly high maintenance. They are the women who are quite satisfied with their choices and don't wonder what someone else thinks.

Another group of women are those who remake or multi use their clothing. They buy things at sales and from Thrift shops. They turn the clothes into interesting styles. They sew, crochet, knit, embroider, etc. Their clothes are really one of a kind and can be quite interesting.

Then there are those who have the money to look for the lower end designer goods. I personally have bought things on sale when they are by a designer. I haven't found they give me any more satisfaction than other things. I spent 3 years looking for a yellow Coach bag. I finally found one for a reasonable price. I really don't like it much and I don't carry it. Lesson learned.

I'll quit yapping now. More later. 

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