Friday, November 8, 2013

Thin pins

I am one hundred percent behind the fight against obesity. And I'll be the first to admit that skinny jeans look good on some people. I've often said there are folks that don't look good in them. Too thin might just be as unattractive as too fat when it comes to fit. I have lots of things I don't wear because I'm too fat. Hopeful for a change, yes. But right now too fat. I therefore must admit to wanting to be thinner. But there is a limit.
 Another of the things that is hard to deal with is the thigh gap thing that a lot of really young girls like. Well, if I were that worried about it I'd probably hate this girl. As it is, I just have a problem with the proportions of the outfits designed to be all leg.
 She is supposed to be a fashion icon. Too skinny, messy hair and that ridiculous pigeon toe pose doesn't seem iconish to me.
It's weird to me when your feet are wider than your calves.
I wonder what she would look like at a real girl weight.

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