Sunday, October 13, 2013


The over the knee boot has been around for a long time. When I first noticed it, it was being worn by hookers. The Pretty Woman movie is an example. At that time, if you wore it the general idea was to issue an invitation for sex. Or it was an outer space movie. Now it's everywhere. It's worn by young girls, celebrities, and hookers. This version is not one I have seen on anyone but I'd bet they are hard to get on and harder to walk in. Can't find myself liking this one.


  1. I only like over-the-knee boots only if you fold down the upper parts of the boots. Otherwise, I do tend to agree with what you've said about these boots. I just don't like them enough to recommend them or picture any stylish outfits with these kinds of boots.

    By the way... I think this is my first time commenting on "The OTHER Side." This is John from the United States. Nice to be here.