Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why? Really!

I have no idea who this person is. I've been saddled with oversized mammaries since the 6th grade. And they were no smaller than that. I hated them. It was hard to find a bra that didn't hurt. It was hard to find a sweater or blouse that wasn't too tight. And dresses were never right. If they fit on top, the bottom was too large. The whole thing was a bummer.
 This is a person who many people consider beautiful. I wonder if she realizes that those pants make her look the size of Manhattan Island. Oh yes, pregnancy made me grow. But you wouldn't have found such an idiotic outfit on me. Tighter is not better.
 I'd say the plastic surgeon did his job. He stashed huge saline bags in there. They look real don't they?
We are treated to yet another ridiculous outfit stretched over ever growing girth. 
 I'm amazed at this. She used to be so cute. Now the bottom has grown, the top has grown, and the middle has grown. I'm not saying she isn't still cute. But it's a really different sort of cute. I say that these ladies have joined the ranks of those of us who are too big for comfort. I've tried to rationalize the weight I'm carrying around. I hate it. But I think I hate exercise. Both. If these famous persons are willing to go around looking like this, why the hell am I so down on myself? I have fought this battle in my mind for the majority of my life. Time to rethink my strategy.


  1. OMG, fat, kim kardashian...

  2. I know, Christina Aguilera use to be thin, I think with the extra pounds she still looks good but she does not know how to dress her new body.