Saturday, June 18, 2011


 Sometimes she gets it right, sometimes she doesn't. This time she didn't. I believe the operative word here is Overkill.

Blake Lively and Claudia Schiffer evidently believe that in spite of the cut of the dress, the body must show. I really think Blake's dress could have been pretty if the bottom were solid lace.
This one fits beautifully, is cut well, and is a marriage of two extremely different fabrics. It just doesn't work. At all.

I   don't know if there is a stylist involved here but I wouldn't let any of these garments out the door. I believe that the practice of dressing should strive for beauty. I don't find any in dresses that are undergarments, that are overdone snakeskin, that combine lace and heavy wooly look. Yuck.


  1. Not sure how many have stylists

  2. Yes, I agree J-LO overkilled it with something that looks like road kill.