Thursday, May 26, 2011


The year of the mess. I hope it's over soon. Jessica could use a comb. There is also a need for a stylist. And the last pic needs to go away. A goddess? I don't think so.

I would like to present a list of things I don't get. Or I don't like. Or I find just bad.

1.  See through garments look like advertising to me. The ones that the skirt is totally see through from the butt down except for a little lace look like unfinished garments. I think they are an obvious way to make people look at the body underneath. If you have good legs, get a short skirt. It's more real.

2.  Combs and brushes work well on messy hair. I don't like and have never liked messy hair. Or 2 inch dark roots. I think it is saying I don't care how my hair looks. Disrespectful. A woman's hair can add so much to an outfit. And windblown hair looks wonderful. But the just hopped out of bed look is not a good one.

3.  Mixing prints can be a good thing. But I see a lot of mixing that puts prints together and make the wearer look like they got dressed in a dark closet. Sorry, there is a limit to print mixing. They need to relate to each other in some way.

4.  Scarves, especially big ones, are all the rage right now. And I see them wrapped around girls necks with tank tops, shorts, sandals. I miss the point. Mixing seasons is also seen when someone wears a sweater, jacket and sandals or flip flops. Feet warm, neck and upper body cold. What's with that?

5.  For the last thing I'll complain about today I'll focus on shoes. Boots with the toes out? Heels with huge platforms. Especially the ones where the whole toe of the shoe is covered. Can anyone say Frankenstein's wife? Here is a little girl with really tiny skinny legs and those platforms add many inches to her height but end up making her feet look huge. I just don't get it. And I often wonder how they walk in them. I've seen models fall. The average girl is walking with danger in some of those shoes.

I'll let the gritching end here. See you next time.

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  1. I think part of being well dressed is being groomed which of course includes a good shower and some nice perfume.
    I am with you on some extreme pattern mixing, they have to go together is some color related way... sometimes while mixing I fear a faux pas.