Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jen Anniston

I am not impressed by Jen Anniston. I've seen her photographs in many mags lately and it's almost enough to make me quit reading mags. I have tried to sit through a couple of her movies only to turn them off from boredom. Have I missed something? Is there something about this person that makes them utterly fascinating to much of the American public? I am of the opinion that being married to and divorced from Brad Pitt is the only reason she is still working. I am also of the opinion that it has been a long time and that shouldn't matter. I think that the mags have made what happened to her sound like a big thing when millions of women all over the world go through divorces every day. And many of them don't have millions of dollars, and a press that has chosen Jen as the go to girl to feel sorry for. In fact, many have money problems, children, unemployment, and a lack of support from anywhere to deal with. I don't think what happened to her is a bigger deal than the other women who are in the situation. So there must be something I missed. She is an adequate actress I suppose, she is average looking, she is definitely not a style maven. I am still befuddled.

This conundrum and some others(Kardashian) has been bothering me. Children see on television little girls having tantrums and getting crowns for it. Former children are now vying to be the latest sex symbols in the entertainment world. Many of the problems children deal with now seem to be trivial to me but not to them. Having the latest phone/computer, the skinniest jeans, the funkiest colored hair and nails, driving the latest cars, etc seem to have changed expectations in life for many people. Sure, bridezillas are funny to some of us but do children see them as role models? Bad girls can do whatever they want and get paid. Snooki can fall down drunk and it's no big deal. And people like Jen can be America's Sweethearts for not doing much at all.

I am just sorry that more is not said about the people who truly deserve our interest for the things they are doing to create a better world for us.

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  1. I remember a conversation I had with my dear father a few days before he was swept away by the horrors of pancreatic cancer. I went to visit him at the hospital and he was watching TV., he turned to me and said: "I will never understand how people are okay with having a sportsman be paid millions of dollars for kicking a ball around and yet they are so reluctant to pay a surgeon (who has spent countless sleeplesness nights and actually saves lives) the fee they request for their services" This post certainly reminded me of that night. Thank you my dear friend. You are NOT alone in your wise observations! XO