Friday, September 17, 2010


I have been lucky enough to afford a good computer, a good TV, and magazines so that when I speak about fashion, I have seen some good and some not so good on those venues. I have been following a blog called Advanced Style. It is written for the mature crowd and I am one of them. I just have a few things to say about some of the fashionists I have seen and where they fit or don't fit in the scheme of things.

I think Jessica Alba has a wonderful body and a pretty face. She can wear almost any style of clothes and shoes and look terrific in them. However, she has gotten some things together that in my opinion ruin the look. For instance, big, bulky, black sandals. I do not think they go with a feminine 40's style dress. And I have noticed her following the huge shoe thing with all sorts of clothes. I cannot think why anyone would want to wear them. I learned in reading about fashion that to make your legs look longer you don't wear ankle straps. Double ditto for shin straps. Of course the longer hem doesn't help much either. Anyway, I say that if the big bulky sandals are your thing, shorten the skirt and don't go for the 40's vibe.

I think SJP has been lauded to the heavens for being a fashionista. She has worn some truly wonderful outfits. And some ludricous ones. And she pulls them all off with panache. I lump her in with Jessica Alba because they both seem to favor scarves. Now I am on the warm side so a neck scarf is an offense to me in the summer. Especially when the outdoor temps are near 90. I see that SJP does not agree. Not only does she sport long sleeves in the summer but the scarf is tied in a huge lump that looks somewhat like a tumor on her neck. On the other hand, she is so thin it could be that the body can no longer warm itself.

The last thing I will rail against at this time is the one shoulder or uneven decolletage on many of the dressy entries at the awards shows. This pic shows a dress that makes me think of breast removal of the Amazon women. Having a fully filled out bodice on one side and a really small one on the other is a bit off-putting. Now I will add the 4-boob dresses in which the bodice is too tight, the dipped front dress that shows how much gravity exerts itself, and the dresses that show the movement of the bodice when the woman walks. It the bodice is heavily boned it does happen. It looks a lot like a 3 part person.

I will add a short statement about buying a 10,000 dollar dress that will only be worn once for a few hours when there is hunger all over the world. It stinks.

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