Saturday, July 18, 2009


After a 2 week period of total overload of MJ demise stories I have finally come back to the celeb and fashion blog. But this time I am not going to trash the blogee. I have been noticing of late that Mischa Barton has looked somewhat ragged around the edges. It is clear to anyone with eyes that something is wrong. And I am not speaking of the fashion. This is a sad case of another youngster in Hollywood who listened to her own press and believed she was much more than a human can really be. The fall was inevitable. And the fall came. Now she is dealing with the problem medically and at her own request and I wish her the best. I have never been a fan to speak of but I certainly know pain and I hope with all my heart that she gets the help she needs. Judy


  1. I agree! I just read about her last night actually. I always find it sad that these young girls get so caught up in such a distorted view of reality, and then find themselves alone when they are having to climb their way back up from the bottom. Hollywood is cruel and heartless.