Monday, March 18, 2013


 Macademian Girl

I love the wonderful colors of her outfit. i wish I could make myself wear them but you know, I'd feel really weird. I just can't mix patterns that well.
 Simple. A bit Chanel. A bit boho. I'm loving the combination. But I can't wear jeans. My belly doesn't look even ok in them.
This would be my choice to do a boho look. After all, I can't grow out of it.
This is a pic of a designer from Denmark I believe. Because the designer took the risk to combine the colors and patterns, I would wear this sort of thing as a tunic with some plain colored pants. For instance, the yellow circle dress would make a great tunic and would be a mix I'd love.

This post is about fashion. What I see on the internet, in magazines, on TV, and here in the wonderful East Tennessee area. I'm constantly trying to imagine things I see as being wearable for me. You sometimes I could make it work. I would like to be good at mixing patterns in my own clothing but alas, I stink at it. But I have some scissors and a sewing machine. I really want to come up with something with this vibe.

With Spring arriving soon, I hope we all have a reason to smile at the sun.

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  1. I read Macademian girl, she rocks at pattern mix. Love her.